Best E-commerce Shipping Companies in the Philippines

The impact of e-commerce and logistics industries on our day-to-day lives have been exponentially increasing ever since the COVID-19 era began. Many consumers now prefer online shopping more than shopping in person at retail stores because the former is absolutely way more convenient. 

Even now during the post-pandemic period, the growth of e-commerce and shipping industries shows no signs of stopping. From rebuilding logistics networks and striving for high on-time delivery rates, the best e-commerce shipping companies in the Philippines bravely step out of old-fashioned processes and blaze a trail for other players to follow.

Here are the major e-commerce shipping companies in the Philippines that are shaping the industry and providing exemplary services!

JRS Express

First on our list is JRS Express. The company was built with the mission to promote next-day deliveries. Ever since its establishment in 1961, JRS Express became a leading express-delivery enterprise that brought a lot of convenience to shoppers and people who are in dire need of reliable logistics services. As a result of their hard work and perseverance, the Consumer Union of the Philippines (CUP) recognized them as the most exceptional logistics company in the 1990s which gave them a Hall of Famer status in the industry.

With a size of over 5,000 employees nationwide, JRS Express’ 460 branches are going strong throughout the years because they prioritize trustworthiness and responsibility. These values are not only what made them successful but inspiring at the same time! Furthermore, the company does not only value efficient deliveries. JRS Express also cares about philanthropy. In 2013, the company was one of the first contributors of relief goods and offered solutions to Typhoon Yolanda victims. 

In 2023, JRS Express reached another remarkable milestone as the official logistics partner of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. With this achievement, the company strives to deliver world-class services not only in logistics but in nation-building as well. How fantastic!


Next on our list is Locad. With their battlecry and mission to “store local, deliver global”, Locad is definitely a force to be reckoned with! This relatively new player has only been in the market for three years, but it is already making waves in the industry! With a fulfilled order accuracy of 99.9%, a 95% rate of order fulfillment, and 4.7/5 ratings of customer experience, Locad is definitely one of the most promising logistics providers in our country! 

From storing, packing, shipping, and even tracking, Locad is one of the best companies to partner with if you are an e-commerce business owner! 

Ever since its establishment in 2020, Locad has been committed to its vision of being the logistics partner of choice across the Asia-Pacific region. Now with over 139 employees, Locad is closer to achieving that vision as they have already assembled several international shipping partners as well as a large group of logistics networks.

With Locad’s strategic innovation through infrastructure, advanced technology, and systematized growth, this e-commerce shipping company is one to look out for!

Ninja Van

Another fan favorite and powerhouse in the e-commerce shipping business is Ninja Van! With the trust of over 2 million clients, Ninja Van has come a long way from its humble beginnings: the founders established this successful enterprise from a dream and a second-hand van in 2014.

What drove Ninja Van’s success is its tech-driven policies and its commitment to deliver on promises, lean towards action, and learn and improve! With a reputation for offering hassle-free deliveries by providing tech-based alternatives, it provides efficient delivery services across Southeast Asia. It also supports all forms of businesses: from startups to large enterprises, Ninja Van is there for you to handle your logistics concerns!

Its international shipping strategy enabled it to serve over 120 million Southeast Asians and achieve a milestone of up to 2 million deliveries every day across the region. With an estimated number of 5,000 employees, Ninja Van is well on its way of cementing its status as a leader in this competitive industry! 

LBC Express

LBC Express is another e-commerce shipping company to love! With over 6,400 total branches, partners, and staff, it emerged as a powerhouse in the industry. 

Ever since its establishment in 1945, LBC Express became successful not only in the Philippines but in the United States and Canada as well. As a company, they have dedicated their efforts to be the courier of choice in both land and air cargo services! Currently, LBC Express has been loved and trusted by the global Filipino!


Lalamove has also been a popular player in e-commerce shipping here in the Philippines. Since 2013, the company has been providing on-demand delivery services to numerous customers. As e-commerce is a fast-paced environment, Lalamove offers a 24/7 delivery service nationwide! How convenient!

Furthermore, Lalamove does not only operate in Asia but also across Latin America. With over 700,000 delivery drivers, you do not have to worry about your parcel and products, because Lalamove is there to keep you in the groove!

J&T Express

J&T Express is another e-commerce logistics company to look out for! 

Ever since their launch in the Philippine market in 2019, they have been taking the e-commerce shipping game by storm. Their mission is to help online businesses reach beyond borders and their systems have been designed to support that. 

With over 600 branches nationwide, J&T Express has been providing and aiming to maintain a hassle-free delivery system. Thanks to their IT-based system, you have nothing to worry about the real-time tracking of your online orders with J&T! 


GrabExpress is another renowned e-commerce shipping provider with a mission to provide swift and secure deliveries!

As a subsidiary of Grab, they do not only provide services for e-commerce businesses but also for individuals who need help in delivering their important documents to another person’s doorstep. Since 2016, the company has been an advocate of instant deliveries for all!

Thank you, e-commerce shipping companies!

As an e-commerce platform, Thrift by Humble relies on its own logistics partners to ensure that our Thrifters will receive their orders complete, damage-free, and quickly!

Without their support, we know that Thrift would not have been able to grow as much as it did over these past two years. Our success is partly due to our e-commerce shipping companies’ reliable services, and we are truly grateful for that!

Whether you are a Thrifter or an e-commerce business owner, we encourage you to say thank you to the delivery person or shipping partner who handles your online orders!