How does Thrift by Humble refund its customers?

As an e-commerce platform, Thrift by Humble is no stranger to refund requests from its growing number of customers.

Regardless of the reason for the refund request—from the customer discovering the item is damaged due to poor logistics or defective upon receipt, to the customer finding out the wrong item/variation has been shipped—Thrift ensures its customers’ rights are respected at all times and prioritizes their satisfaction regarding their shopping experience.

This is why Thrift has established a unique returns and refund policy system to keep its loyal Thrifters’ shopping experience as stress-free as possible. 

Thrift by Humble’s three return and refund policies

Thrift offers its customers a total of three refund policies.

Depending on the number of days you’ve had the item, you can get a 100% full refund, a partial refund and a rental fee service refund that's valid for one whole year!

Here’s a quick explanation of the three refund policies of Thrift!

  • 7 days full refund policy. You will get a 100% refund of your payment if you find your item to be defective within 7 days of receiving it. Under this policy, you may also opt to exchange your item for another product, depending on its availability. 

An important thing to note is that Thrift requires proof of the item being damaged upon receipt in the form of photos and unboxing videos to support your full refund request.

  • Thrift partial refund policy. You may apply for this type of refund if:
  1. you find your item has minor problems upon receipt, such as cosmetic issues that do not affect its functionality; Due to logistic damage etc. But pls elaborate na they need to be reading the "about the product and title" as we usually state that some items we sell have minor scratches and dents. So make sure lang na we mention here din na since our items din kasi have minor scratch and if na mention sya sa description yun hindi pwede
  2. you would still be happy to keep the item.

Partial refunds are subject to verification from the Thrift team. Thrifters can receive their partial refund within one month from buying the item.

Customers are also reminded to always check the What you get section on the product listing because that is where any declaration of an item’s minor cosmetic issues can be found.

  • Rental fee service refund policy. You may apply for the rental fee service refund if you want to return your item after the seven-day period has lapsed. 

The amount of partial refund you will receive is calculated based on how long you’ve had the item.

An important thing to remember about Thrift’s rental fee service refund policy is its one-year validity. This means you have one year to test and enjoy your item; if it stops working anytime before the 12th month mark, Thrift will give you a refund so you only end up paying for the months that you’ve used your item!

Last but not the least, please note that Thrift by Humble does not issue refunds due to change of mind or a similar reason.

How Thrift refunds its customers

For orders made via our Shopee and Lazada stores:

For 7 day refunds: 

  1. Send a message to our customer service team via chat informing them of the issue and send proof (i.e., photos/unboxing video).
  2. Once you have sent the message and proof, click on the "Request return and refund" button in the order section.
  3. After the customer service team has reviewed your submitted proof and approved your request, then your refund will be processed within the platform.
  4. You can check out the guided instructions on the specific platform’s refund process below:

For Partial refund and Rental fee service refunds

  1. Send a message to our customer service team via chat informing them of the issue and send proof (i.e., photos/unboxing video).
  2. Our customer service team will review your request and submitted proof of the product issue  (i.e., photos/unboxing video). Based on these, our team will decide  how much the partial refund would be (case-by-case basis).
  3. Once the partial refund amount has been agreed upon, we will disburse your refund outside of the platform. 

For orders made on our website

If you ordered an item from our website that you would like to return/file a refund request for, please email our customer service associate Cheeky at

Please make sure to provide the proof of issue with the item (i.e., photos/unboxing video) in your email. 

In general, the whole process from the time the customer sends a refund request to the time the refund is received can take anywhere from three business days to over one week.

Important reminders about Thrift’s refund policies

Received an item from Thrift that you are unhappy with? Here are the three most important things you need to know when you want to ask for a refund from Thrift!

  • Provide an unboxing video and photos of the damaged/defective item you received. Thrift requires its customers to take a photo or better yet, record an unboxing video of the item as soon as they receive it. Providing these supporting media can make a big difference in the outcome and speed of your refund being processed.
  • Read and review the “What you get” and “Disclaimer” sections ofthe product listing of your item. Thrift openly declares any issues concerning the items in these sections.

For the “What you get” section, you may find the following:

  • <Product name> in good condition
  • <Product name>, with dented box but rest assured item is in good condition
  • <Product name> New and Sealed Product with Original Packaging

Below is a screenshot of this section taken from our Shopee store:

And for the Disclaimer section, you will see this short paragraph. The screenshot below is taken from our website:

These two sections are included in all our product listings to help our Thrifters manage their expectations regarding their orders.
  • Follow the refund policy rules of the marketplace (Shopee or Lazada) you bought your item from. Shopee and Lazada have different rules regarding refunds. Make sure you are familiar with them since these respective platforms will initiate the refund to be disbursed to your account.

Thanks for your patience, Thrifters!

The team behind Thrift by Humble is doing their best to make you, dear Thrifters, happy and satisfied with our high-quality products and service. While waiting for the approval of your refund request, we ask for your patience and kind understanding. Rest assured that we are doing what we can to speed up the process of your refund requests.