How to be a Thrift by Humble partner?

In our last blog, we showed you, our awesome Thrifters, how easy it is to shop from Thrift by Humble’s own website. From account creation to check out, we went through each of the steps to ensure your pleasant shopping experience at Thrift’s own e-commerce platform.

All the items you see on our website are from our equally awesome Humblers, who may be manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, logistics companies or marketplace owners looking for a way to sustainably liquidate and recover value from their returns, excess and aging inventory, and products with damaged packaging.

If you are a business owner reading this and you are wondering how you can recover value from your unsold inventory, consider selling them with us!

Sell your items with Thrift 

Thrift by Humble is an extension of the circular economy startup Humble Sustainability which promotes circular living and builds a community where anyone can bring anything back to circularity.

To do this, Humble Sustainability partners with corporations and SMEs who need help in selling their items. They’ve been successfully doing this with some of the top businesses in the country including e-commerce stores, logistics providers, brands, malls, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and more. They also accept items from (almost) any category. 

The best part? Partnering with Humble is not only beneficial for your business but also to our planet! Becoming a Humbler (the name we assigned to companies who sell with us) will give your company an opportunity to recover up to five times revenue from your aging and excess inventory, actively participate in the circular economy and start your business’ sustainability journey all at the same time!


Becoming a Thrift by Humble partner is very easy! 

All you have to do is reach out and express your interest in selling with us!

For your reference, we accept products with the following conditions:

  • Aging items
  • Products used for photoshoots/samples and are unsellable due to prior use
  • Damaged packaging or items that did not pass QC procedures
  • Items that are dented/damaged in transit
  • Returns

We also accept a wide range of items from different product categories, such as:

  • Electronics
  • Laptop & Computers
  • Mobile & Gadgets
  • Home & Living
  • Home & Kitchen Appliances
  • Large Household Appliances
  • Sports & Hobbies
  • Toys, Games & Collectibles
  • Apparel

Please note that your items must be available for pick up/delivery within the Philippines only.

There are, however, certain items that we cannot accept. These are:

  • Counterfeit items and other contraband items
  • Class A, B and C fashion items (imitations)
  • Perishables (i.e., food)
  • Hazardous medical waste (used/opened)
  • Drugs, medicine and other medications which may or may not require a physician’s prescription
  • Wood items that may contain termites
  • Items which require a special license to carry and/or possess (e.g., guns, bullets, firearms, and similar items)
  • Items which may be reasonably suspected to be used for the commission of a crime or gained as profit from any unlawful activity defined in Republic Act No. 9160, also known as “Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001” or the commission of any other crime.

If you have any clarifications regarding the items we accept and don’t accept, feel free to contact our team.

Current partners/sellers

Your business will be in good company should you decide to sell your items with us!

From industry leaders to up-and-coming brands, some of our current partners include:

  • Intellismart Inc.
  • Nsquared E-Commerce
  • Cash & Carry
  • Robinson’s Department Store
  • Waltermart
  • Komento
  • China City International 

Join us in our Humble mission 

Thrift by Humble offers a sustainable alternative to shopping online. By sourcing our products from companies looking to sustainably liquidate their returns and excess inventory, we're able to divert them from landfills and sell them for unbeatable prices!

We are a trusted partner who can help you sell your items! We've been successfully doing this with some of the top businesses in the country including e-commerce stores, logistics providers, brands, malls, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and more. We also accept items from (almost) any category. We'd love to welcome your company into the circular economy community we're building!

Our CliqnShip warehouse located at 664 Sgt. Bumatay St., Mandaluyong City is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 4:30pm. You may contact Erwin at +639271558575 or +639063030611 for any inquiries.!4m2!3m1!1s0x3397c9e16fb3ba11:0xd6bb153a339f819f?