This is Thrift, where we sell high quality products at really low prices from top-tier brands.

We're bringing these items back into circularity, at low prices and in the best quality. We dream of a world where circular living is normal!

Circular living is a lifestyle and mentality of making better use of the things we have.

The problem

Online shopping is notoriously unsustainable. Purchasing high quality items can also be difficult and expensive.

The solution

Thrift sources its products from businesses who have returns or excess inventory, diverting products from landfills.

How we are different

We offer high quality products, outstanding service, sustainable options and unbeatable prices.

Humble is circular economy startup, helping businesses with the products they're struggling to sell.

We turn companies' excess inventory into the hero, helping clients recover high value, clear their spaces and clean the planet. We set out to solve the problem of returns and excess inventory. Our solution allows them to recover value, businesses in the form of revenue and our buyers through the purchase of affordable, high-quality, sustainable items.

Humble and the Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable cities and communities

We collect discarded items, reducing waste in landfills and providing livelihood for local recyclers

Responsible consumption and production

We promote circular living, a mindset where the circular economy enters our day to day lives

Climate action

We are introducing a carbon footprint tracker to measure the impact of our community on the planet

Our founders


  • Startup leadership roles for 7 years
  • Scaled businesses from 0 to 1
  • 100% Filipino and proud to contribute towards creating impact in The Philippines and beyond
  • A genuine optimist, driven by faith and on a mission to help others in any way that she can


  • Managing director for 5 years
  • Scaled the team from 25 to 175 people
  • Half Dutch, half Welsh, with a dash of Filipino in his soul from 8 happy years living in The Philippines
  • Passionate about where technology and innovation are used to create real impact for people and planet

Do your part!

Stop buying stuff! Overconsumption means more resources produced and used

Simple things at home - unplug phones, switch AC for fan, turn off TVs and lights

Handle waste properly - reuse, recycle and dispose

Support and encourage companies to shift to more sustainable practices

Revisit your shopping habits - buy secondhand, support sustainable brands!

Learn and spread the word!

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